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Post by Admin on Wed Apr 09, 2014 1:55 pm

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Post by Admin on Thu Dec 11, 2014 11:21 pm

Basic Info

Name:  Doctor Trafalgar D. Law

Nickname: Surgeon Of Death, King of Alchemy

Age: Actual Age: 1000. Preserved age: 26


Trafalgar is a man of many sides. Toward strangers Trafalgar comes across as a man comfortable in his own skin, controlled, yet easygoing. He is laid-back and does not appear to be easily bothered by too much. It isn't difficult for him to socialize with people he tends to be laid back and able to engage in conversations like a normal person. Right away Trafalgar comes across as mature, and very gentlemanly and kind. Over-all he is also playful and maybe even sometimes considered an older brother-like figure to people younger than him. He is the type of man who isn’t worried by much and allows people around him to talk to him and share their woes without judging them, but will offer advice if he has it. Or at least he sees sympathizing enough and seems to understand people’s feelings.
He enjoys teasing and playing with people around him, giving them nicknames, or poking fun at them when they do something silly around him. He may not be one who will easily let you forget your silly blunders. He does have a limit though and knows when to stop. He is a very approachable person being so friendly and outgoing, its hard to turn him away if he's taken an interest in you or has been around long enough to get to know someone. Despite how he may act he is a gentleman and knows how to treat people under serious circumstances, or when he thinks he needs to offer a hand, or help someone out, but of course women come first. Yes he is a bit of a ladies-man and does not mind trying to flatter a young woman, or having typical guy-talk with other guys about what he thinks is attractive. While he might get smacked for a few of his words, he isn't the type to force himself upon anyone nor did act very pervert either.

With all this said Trafalgar is also has an air of cockiness about him. Cocky and confident. One thing particular is that Trafalgar knows he looks good and has no problem flaunting it – though usually in a joking manner. He is particularly fond of his coat and scarf, while he's not really that afraid of getting dirty, he may act like it from time to time. So he might be a little vain, but it is hard to say if he is truly as vain in himself as he acts. He would also say something along the lines of; 'A pretty face sells better than an ugly one.' while looking for mercenary work. Trafalgar rarely ever seems to doubt in himself and can often rush in or take care of what he needs to do without any doubt, he is confident in his own abilities and few things ever seem to drag him down. At times he can be a little bit of a show-off because he does have a bit of pride in himself.

Trafalgar is also very silver-tongued and can easily get people to tell him what he needs to know, usually without them even realizing it. He is smart and seems to almost always know what to say, he is the type of person most people are comfortable around, so it is easy for Trafalgar to gather information when he needs it. It is easy for him to talk someone into doing things for him, and on top of that he is rather charming when he wants or needs to be and seems to always know exactly what to say. He is a very smooth talker and even when he is blunt about poking into someone's past, it tends to make people feel like its alright and in this way he can be quite manipulative when he needs to be. Yet never shares more about himself than he needs to.

Gender: Male

Class: High Class  

Unique Power:

Law's Theory

The Law's Theory allows the user to manipulate anything within a specific area, such as people, cannonballs, and ships in what was described as a "surgical" manner, within a spherical territory bordered by a light blue aura. Through this ability, Law can dismember people from a distance without harming them, lift or displace objects of any size and switch peoples' "hearts", which is shown to effectively switch minds. From its first appearance, Law developed this ability to a great extent through his life time as now his "Room" covers a much larger area than it did before.  He is also able to move himself inside this area at will.

He can also attach separated parts in any manner he sees fit, such as sticking someone's head to a barrel. People separated by this ability are not killed and can still feel their separated parts, regardless of the distance. Separated parts can be reassembled back to normal. However while separated they can be temporarily assembled in mixed up ways or "attached" onto other surfaces, including someone else's body.

In other words, he can cut through flesh and bone without actually hurting the victim. However, when the power is used on an inanimate object, the power will act as a normal cut, as seen when the gushed out of the container that Law destroyed. The effect persists even after Law disengages the sphere.

This ability can also be applied for medical purposes. Law’s Theory has been described as having "miraculous" properties, having the capacity to cure any kind of illness, but it requires some extent of medical knowledge in order to work properly. As such, if a doctor were to obtain this power, their medical abilities would be unmatched. Being a skilled and knowledgeable surgeon, Law can use this ability to its full potential.


Slavery. A world filled with darkness, foreboding, and a door that is constantly closed. Law doesn't remember a father or a mother- he just remembers the chains. The sound of them, the sight of them, the weight of them. He has never seen a day out of the mines. Him and the other children were forced to work for hours of a day. The word "sun" had no meaning to him. It was just a figment of his dreams, a sight of a light that blew up the sky with its radiance, that made things glow so brightly that you would have to turn your head to feel its beauty on your skin. Words were not spoken in this mine- nor was reading condoned. The mine was a vengeful place, destined to tear the children from any sort of thought, and just mindless drivel. Action was not allowed- just whatever the thing with the whip wanted. The kids droned on and on every single day, working and cutting, getting the shiny stuff out of the walls.

That was then a miracle occurred- a man picked up these soulless, broken children and carried them out of the mine. That was when Law truly saw the sky- the beautiful open world that opened up his avenues before him. He was brought before hundreds of humans, all those who are a part of relief organizations to mistreated children, who wish to bring happiness. But these children were broken. They had nothing, and they felt nothing. They just went to where they were ordered. More than half of them were terribly sick, with diseases that are only rampant to those who lived in enclosed dungeons such as the mines. A lot of them were too sick to carry on, and on those days where the families would adopt the children, half of them dropped dead, blinded by the love and the sunlight they have never felt. A few of the last children remained. One of them was Law, a kid with grey eyes and black hair, squinting in the bright sunlight he only dreamed of. His pale white skin and his grunts and hard breathing showed the groups of people the hardships the children faced in those mines, the hell they lived through.

Law was picked up by a family of intellectuals, nobles who could not stand the sight of what has happened to him. They immediately drenched him with water, cleaning off the muck that stuck to his skin, and the mold growing where his fingernails used to be. He was in awful shape, his bones sticking out as if he was a skeleton that could move. He was strong for his size, as the evil mean of the mine forced the children to carry heavy rocks.

As months and years passed by, the noble family had to re-teach the young boy basic human manners, from social situations to speaking to reading, to how to sleep, and what to eat and not to eat. They realized that Law spent most, if not all of the day outside, almost never sleeping, just enjoying the years he missed out as a child. He was inquisitive, digesting the information from the world around him. He learned about the plants, the skies, the seas- anything he could get a hand on. It allowed him to expand his mind, something he was not allowed to do in the constriction of the mines. His attitude developed- he had a sense of morality. He even adopted his name “Trafalgar Law", a mixture of words from different languages he enjoyed to learn and read about.

His inquisitive nature carried on to his later years, specifically his early teens, where he started to develop a knack for chemistry. He discovered an ancient book filled with "magic of the heavens", and he was determined to read it. He learned, and learned, and practiced, and became very proficient at this magic. By the time he was 16, he wanted to enroll into medical school, allowed by his adopted family, to expand himself. He chose Sire Alexanders School of the Gifted, one of the first medical  schools that had popped up in the 15th century

There, he grew more and more adventurous, discovering new languages and magic that he became proficient in, and he strived to learn more. It was this nature he was hiding, partly because of his tragedies in the mines. He never wanted that to occur, so he became boisterous at school, developing his reputation as a "womanizing idiot".

Around the age of 18, his skills started to develop even more through his readings and practice. He rose through the ranks, and started learning more about ancient magic, through books he read. His proficiency in ancient languages was remarkable, as he starting learning to read and write at a much later age. He vowed to search for these ancient alchemy, while become stronger, to protect his friends  and his family that he loved so much, sadly that was never meant to be.

By the time he had graduated from medical school and earned his phd, Law’s life took a turn for the worse when he arrived home early one day to surprise his parents. Instead of greeted by the warm smile of his mother and gruff voice of his father, what he was greeted with was death. The disfigured corpses of his adopted family scattered throughout their Victorian style home and to make matters worse the culprit was there, sitting on the sofa apparently waiting on the young man to arrive home. Blinded by rage Law immediately attacked the man who was sitting there with a smile on his face but was easily taken out. It was then Law had realized that this man was no human, he was something else. Accepting his fate Law had all but resigned and awaited his death, praying that it will be swift but instead of killing him, the man turned him instead. Even up to this day Law was unsure of the reason why he was kept alive but even with the curse that was bestowed upon him, Law continued to study medicine and alchemy and when a decade had passed Law had found himself engaged to a beautiful woman named Naomi. That happiness too was short lived, for you see Naomi was diagnosed with a rare disease that had be destroying her cells internally and to add insult to injury there was no cure. When Naomi had passed away Law had taken her dna and spliced it with his and created the entity that would’ve been their first child together, Julianna. Now with nothing left to tie him to this world Law roams the earth aimlessly trying to find a reason to live.

Element:Dimensional Render, Gaea, Spacial, Acid



Weapon Info

Weapon name: Julianna

weapon looks:

Julianna :

Law Holding Julianna:

weapon info:

At first glance Julianna resembles an actual human being, however that is far from the truth. Julianna is the result of Law splicing the genes of himself and his fiancé to create the perfect Homunculus. Julianna is used not only for combat purposes but is also used to create new homunculi whenever they are needed. Her construct made entirely out of organic material in which she can not only shape shift into tools, weapons and objects for Law’s personal use and being his strongest homunculi she also has the ability to use all variations of all organic constructs.

Julianna tends to however take the form of a larger version of a typical Japanese nodachi. In this form she has an oblong-shaped hand-guard trimmed with short white fur, sheathed in a black scabbard decorated by white crosses from the opening to the bottom, and with a small piece of red rope tied near its opening. Due to her size, Law usually carries Julianna over his shoulder in contrast to other swords men who usually carry theirs on their hip or back. Even though Law his a kenjutsu master he tends not to utilize Juliana in this form as he sees her better fit fighting alongside him as supposed to wielding her but Julianna will tend to remain in this form if an argument or a disagreement occurs between the two.

Other Info


Righteous: The end justifies the means. He is willing to perform morally repugnant actions in order to achieve noble goals. Unfortunately, this can alienate those people who might support your cause if you didn't use such heavy-handed methods.

Indecisive: You have been known to hesitate when faced with difficult choices or split-second decisions. If forced to choose between letting a villain escape and rescuing a loved one from being lowered into a snake pit, you're likely to agonize over the situation until something--perhaps a cry for help from your sweetheart--forces your hand.
Holy Attacks: As a Vampire strong enough light attacks cause him serious damage.



Vampire Physiology

User with this ability either is or can transform into an vampire, a being who subsists by feeding on the life essence of living creatures (often in the form of blood), regardless of whether the vampire is undead or a living person/being. While all vampires need some form of life-essence, the quality and quantity vary greatly: from daily to rarely, from needing lethal amounts to barely notable, from sentient blood freshly drained to rare steak.

Physically vampires are similar to their non-vampiric species, but exact changes their state causes vary greatly: more common effects include have pale/white skin, glowing eyes (possibly chancing to golden or red), prominent canines or generally predatory appearance, but some have no visible changes at all, while others barely pass for a humanoid.

Mentally vampires vary from perfectly normal persons with unusual dietary requirements to predatory, calculating beings, to hunger-driven blood-junkies.

Generally vampires are physically imposing beings with excellent strength, speed, endurance and agility, excellent senses, extended living-span nearing ageless and high-level resistance to damage. Other abilities include ability to turn other beings into vampires (possibly involuntarily), mental abilities, transformation into animals or mist, etc. Note that vampires are able to learn Magic, so the variety of powers some have isn't so much result of them being vampires as their own studies.

Day Walker.

Power Mimicry Immunity

The user is immune to attempts at copying or replicating their abilities and can render themselves singular in terms of power possession. This ability may be a result of a unique existence or trait on the user's part.

Alchemy Master

Users abilities focus on Elemental Transmutation (ranging from transforming base materials into purer (lead or iron into silver or gold), creating golems and homunculi to making permanent changes on the state of matter (making glass malleable), etc.), various forms of Elemental Manipulation (especially electricity and fire) and Life-Force Manipulation (Immortality, Healing and even creating life or at the least clones) by Potion Creation. They also know how to create magical items, although these are generally for practical use (ever-burning lamps).

Peak Intellect

Users of this ability are more intelligent than their species, or at least able to use their brain more efficiently either by being naturally gifted or training themselves for the needed shortcuts. Some are able to perform feats of mind comparable to computers: remembering vast amounts of knowledge flawlessly, performing complex calculations or other similar tasks. Some are capable of learning a variety of combat skills in a day, which would take a normal person years to achieve mastery over. Some new age proponents propagates this belief by asserting that the unused ninety percent of the brain to get and is capable of exhibiting psychic powers.

Users possess immense combat skills, both offensive and defensive, which may be innate, honed or both.

This encompasses speed, strength, precision, reflexes, technique, analysis, control, adaptation and all aspects of practical fighting. Depending on the users, they may be specialized on specific types of weaponry (melee, ranged, natural, etc.), and invariably wield them with surreal efficiency. Most observers are simply incapable to understand what's happening, only a user being able to gauge the skill of another.  


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